Telefe Bolsters International Business Area


BUENOS AIRES: A couple of changes are being made to Telefe's international business area, overseen by Claudio Ipolitti, in an effort to ultimately strengthen the management of strategy and sales.

One of the changes is the creation of the content distribution area. The division, which will be led by Daniel Otaola, is meant to unite the company's commercial management. Otaola's duties will include handling the multiplaform sales strategies for content in the national and international markets. He was first hired by Telefe as a sales executive during the late 1990s.

Another addition is the establishment of the co-productions and new business area. This will be led by Guillermo Borensztein, who will work directly with Ipolitti. Borensztein is charged with developing new alliances and co-productions abroad, while also looking for other opportunities in the market. He joined Telefe as a sales executive in 2008.