SOMOS Distribution Readies Ginayei for NATPE


SOMOS Distribution is set to present at NATPE the new show Ginayei, a brand-new 15-episode musical series.

Ginayei tells the story of Gina, a cheerful and creative girl who likes to write and who wins a scholarship at the prestigious Musical Institute of the Caribbean, on the island of Puerto Encantado, considered the cradle of reggaetón. Gina’s ultimate dream is to compose songs for new artists, but Gina’s heart will shake when she meets Manu, a charming young man who is extremely determined to achieve success.

The series is produced by SOMOS Productions and Piñolywood Studios.

Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of SOMOS Distribution, said: “Ginayei is a series that combines the musical rhythms of the moment: reggaeton and trap, with an attractive plot of action, comedy and romance. This type of content is very appealing in structure, visually and current in terms of what is happening in the music industry at the moment. The series is designed for distribution according to the trends of the moment that includes online platforms, as well as traditional windows. Our producer partners dominate this genre perfectly, so we have a good history with excellent production values that are sure to be of interest to our customers.”