Pre-NATPE Sales in Latin America for Power


LONDON: With NATPE around the bend, Power has placed more than 100 hours of programming in Latin America.

In Mexico, Power closed a large package deal with Latin American Independent Network, featuring more than 25 TV movies and miniseries due to air on Channel 28. Package movie highlights include A Bear Named Winnie and Love’s Unending Legacy, along with miniseries such as Supernova, Meteor and King Solomon’s Mines.

Also in Mexico, MSV Cable picked up all five "End of the World" miniseries: Cat 8, Exploding Sun, Eve of Destruction, Delete and Ring of Fire. MSV Cable has also licensed Power’s brand-new action TV movie Shark Killer. Canal 2 Frecuencia Latina also licensed the "End of the World" minis for its feed in Peru.

In Brazil, TV Globo picked up the romantic comedies Lucky in Love and Puppy Love. Finally, PROVIDEO signed deals for the miniseries Pinocchio, Neverland, Earthsea and Dreamkeeper for Señal Colombia.

“Latin America continues to be a buoyant market and so is an important region for Power,” said Pepe Echegaray, the company’s senior sales representative for the region. “We are thrilled that Power’s programming resonates with audiences, not only in Latin America, but on a global scale.”