New Latino Faith & Family TV Network Set for U.S. Launch


LOS ANGELES: Trinity Broadcasting Network is launching a new faith and family network in the U.S., TBN Salsa, targeted at Latinos.

The network is scheduled to go live on June 1. TBN Salsa will be geared toward second- and third-generation Hispanics who may not speak Spanish, as well as non-Hispanic viewers who are interested in the Latino-American culture and faith community. The network's 24-hour inspirational program lineup will include contemporary worship and gospel music from popular Latino musicians and recording artists, church and ministry programming featuring Hispanic pastors and Christian leaders from the U.S. and Latin America, talk shows highlighting issues and topics of interest to the Hispanic community, along with Latino-themed documentaries, sports shows, family-friendly movies and broadcast specials.

“Latinos are serious about faith and family, and our nation is in deep need of help and healing in both of those areas,” said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. “We believe the time is right to take the best of Hispanic worship, music, ministry, and family programming, and reach out across the American landscape with a network that entertains, inspires, and offers life-changing truth. The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is honored to partner in the launch of TBN Salsa. Together we will reach next-generation English-speaking Latinos with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“As the TBN Salsa network launches this summer, it will join 28 other members of the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks that are touching every inhabited continent 24 hours a day with the message of God's grace,” said TBN's VP, Matthew Crouch. “This is an incredible opportunity to reach tens of millions more individuals and families with programming that is engaging, inspirational, and impacts lives.”