NATPE Spotlight: Canal 13 Sudmedia


MIAMI: Canal 13 Sudmedia is attending NATPE alongside distributor Comarex.

Among the company’s highlights is Runaways (Preciosas), which tells the story of four women who break out of jail together. There is also Opposite Worlds (Mundos opuestos), a reality competition in which 20 contestants live in a house divided by a glass wall that separates “the past” and “the future.”

Then there is Black Sheep (Nadie está libre), a docu-reality show that looks on as out-of-control young adults spend an entire day in prison in an attempt to convince them to change their ways. Another highlight is The Night of the Wild Boar (La noche del jabalí).

“Every [piece of] content developed by Canal 13 has a signature: it is fresh, innovative in the format and has high production standards,” says Rodrigo Correa Pohl, Canal 13’s sales content manager. “Our main focus for NATPE, and for 2017, is to continue to expand the distribution of our content all over the world on different platforms.”