NATPE Spotlight: 13Sudmedia


13Sudmedia is showcasing a range of programs that have already proven popular for Canal 13 Chile.

This includes the docu-reality show Against the Odds, about couples deciding to get married despite the factors working against them, and the factual series Caught Red Handed, in which hustlers get a dose of their own medicine. The game show Vertigo, meanwhile, sees celebrities getting eliminated by the audience.

“The importance and prominence of the audience in these three productions are great and clear differentiating elements since there’s no script that defines what will happen and what will not,” says Rodrigo Correa, the content sales manager for Canal 13. “This is the value we want to pass on to all our clients: a variety of formats with the audience as the main axis.”

“Canal 13 has a very powerful hallmark, which has identified us throughout our history and today is one of our main assets,” Correa notes.