MIPCOM Spotlight: Televisa Internacional


CANNES: Produced by Rubén and Santiago Galindo, Little Giants, also known as Pequeños Gigantes, is one of several formats that Televisa Internacional is highlighting, alongside a slate of new telenovelas.

The competitive reality show features children between the ages of 4 and 12 showing off their singing, dancing, acting and comedic skills. Crown of Tears (Corona de lágrimas) is a telenovela that focuses on a loving mother named Refugio who endures harassment and humiliation for the sake of her children. The format of the show is available. Hollywood Heights is about a musically talented teenage girl who begins a romantic relationship with a popular musician. This, too, is available for international adaptation.

“One of the priorities at Televisa is the development of formats and products created to reach [a wider] audience,” says José Luis Romero, the company’s director of formats and new content. “Our production experience gives us the tools to create amusing and appealing formats…. The main goal is to create content that the whole family will be able to enjoy.”

Grupo Televisa will take the spotlight at this market, as Emilio Azcárraga Jean steps up to accept the Personality of the Year Award. “This makes us proud!” says Claudia Silva, sales director at Televisa Internacional. All celebrations aside, Televisa will be focused intently on sales for its telenovelas, formats and kid-targeted content.

Crown of Tears is one of the company’s lead telenovela offerings, with 150 hour-long episodes to pitch to broadcasters. Hollywood Heights, also a novela, is about a shy teenager who falls in love with a rock star at the top of his career. Together, they learn that the road to love and stardom can get bumpy at times. Focused on young audiences is Carrossel, which features boys and girls from different backgrounds together in the same classroom, led by a teacher who preaches about unity and equality. Little Giants is a reality show from Televisa, showcasing the singing, dancing, acting and comedic talents of little kids.