Globo Adds Films to Catalogue


MIAMI: At a press conference this morning at NATPE, Globo unveiled a raft of new programming highlights, including a selection of films that are now part of the catalogue.

Among the films being offered by Globo are Time and the Wind, which tells the story of two families at the end of the 20th century who are mortal enemies, and Till Luck Do Us Part, a story of luck and misadventures. Till Luck Do Us Part has two 100-minute segments, both produced by Globo Filmes and Paris Filmes.

Globo also touted the strength of its novela offerings, which includes Trail of Lies, Brave Woman and Caribbean Flower. Also part of the novela slate are Side by Side, which was the winner of an International Emmy Award for best telenovela, and Tangled Hearts.

Miniseries are part of the company's growing catalogue as well. Offerings include Next in Line, which was nominated for an International Emmy for best miniseries, along with Siren's Song and Suburbia. Xingu is a miniseries that narrates the 1940s saga of the Villas-Boas brothers, who take part in a pioneering mission in the Brazilian jungle. There's also the four-part Bald Mountain, set in 1978; the story is about two friends who leave Rio de Janeiro in hopes of striking it rich.