DISCOP West Asia Spotlight: Azteca


ISTANBUL: Three new telenovelas headline the slate that Azteca brings to this year’s DISCOP West Asia: The Kings, La Otra Cara del Alma and The Lieutenant.

“Each of the stories in our new titles is very well written and has been excellently produced,” says Martha Contreras, the sales director for Asia at Comarex, which represents the Azteca catalogue. “The stories are easily identifiable and combine elements such as love, romance, intrigue, family values, a little mystery and a splash of vengeance. [These are] ingredients that are universally appealing to both broadcasters and audiences.”

The Kings focuses on a family that is fighting to defend what is rightfully theirs. Contreras describes the series as “an innovative telenovela with a great story line.” La Otra Cara del Alma is about an orphan who is seeking revenge on the individuals responsible for the death of her parents. “It’s a captivating story full of retribution,” says Contreras. The Lieutenant, which first aired in Mexico, revolves around a woman who is determined to prove herself in the Navy, which is dominated by men. The show was created and directed by Benjamin Salinas. “The Lieutenant is a thrilling drama series full of suspense and intrigue,” Contreras says.