March’s Lista Social Wit Led by Programa da Maísa


Of all the new programs that bowed across Latin America in March, Brazilian talk show Programa da Maísa generated the most social media buzz, according to The WIT.

The show, which amassed over 71,000 social media mentions, sees TV personality Maisa Silva interview celebrities. Viewers marveled at the #BeautifulSet as the #WonderfulGuests and #CharismaticHost discussed #ImportantTopics.

Rede Band’s O Aprendiz, another Brazilian offering, took second place with almost 21,000 comments. Led by a #GreatHost, the new local adaptation of The Apprentice follows 18 digital influencers in a #StrongContestBetweenTwoTeams. Viewers proclaimed #ImAFan and that they were #HappyToSeeThisFormatAgain.

Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza from the country’s Canal 13 received 14,000 mentions as audiences were #JumpingBackInTime and giving #KudosToTheLeadingActor. The costume telenovela follows as the two main characters, Bruno and Torcuato, leave Europe to seek love and revenge in Argentina in the 1930s. Most said they #LoveThisLocalProduction, while some complained of #TooManyAnachronisms.

Viewers loved the #GreatInsightOfCorruptionInChile showcased in Mega’s Juegos de poder, which saw nearly 6,000 comments. Based on the 2013 case of Martin Larraín, the telenovela features a group of friends who flee the scene of a car accident they caused; things get complicated when it becomes public that the driver is the son of a prominent politician. Viewers lauded in on social media because it’s #ATruthfulSeries, and they #LoveTheCharacterOfBenjaminBennet.

The third Brazilian entry on the list, Me deixa dançar, got over 5,000 comments with viewers applauding the #AmazingProgram, noting #WhatAPositiveVibeInThisShow and giving #KudosToLorena, the dancer who supervises the contest that sees 13 amateur dancers compete for a sizeable cash prize.

TVN’s Amar a morir out of Chile is sixth on the list with nearly 4,000 comments championing its #OutstandingProductionValues, #GreatCast and #InterestingPlot.

Also from Chile is Resistiré, a local adaptation of Stranded with a Million Dollars, which aired on MTV in the U.S. It got 3,000 mentions as fans were #CheeringForMyFavContestant, saying they #LoveTheFirstEpisode and wondering #WhyIsMTVEditingEverything.

The last of the list’s Chilean offerings is Podemos Hablar, a local adaptation of the Argentinian talk show of the same name, which features host Julian Elfenbein talk about the news and take part in challenges with #CaptivatingAndRelevantGuests. The #EntertainingProgram received nearly 2,000 social media mentions but left #Disappointed audiences with #MixedFeelings.

Argentina’s S.T.O., a talk show hosted by Julián Serrano and Sofía Morandi, garnered around 1,000 comments, with audiences thanking the #FunnyShow and giving #KudosToTheHosts.

Rounding out the buzzy programs is Uruguay’s Pasapalabra (The Alphabet Game), which sees #ParticipantsFailAtAnsweringQuestions. The show got 1,000 social media mentions, but a #DividedAudience thought the #GreatFormat made for a #BoringShow.