WildBrain Scores New Deals with CEE Platforms


WildBrain has inked deals with multiple platforms in Central and Eastern Europe across its catalog of family brands.

Slovakia’s RiK picked up a range of Strawberry Shortcake programs, including the two latest seasons of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City, comprising 80 episodes.

RiK also acquired all four Strawberry Shortcake CG-animated seasonal specials, which follow the titular character and her friends on adventures in each season. Additionally, the deal includes seasons two and three of Caillou’s New Adventures; all five Caillou specials; season seven of the classic Polly Pocket; season one of Bob the Builder; season eight of Fireman Sam; the specials Fireman Sam: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky and Bob’s Broken Sleigh; season two of Twirlywoos; season one of Ray of Sunshine; Space Ranger Roger; and Ghost Patrol.

AMC licensed a range of Caillou content for its pan-European channel JimJam, including seasons one through four of Caillou’s New Adventures, season one of the new CG-animated Caillou series and all five of the new Caillou family specials. Also for JimJam, AMC acquired seasons ten and 11 of Fireman Sam and the special Fireman Sam: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky.

For its Minimax channel in Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkan countries, AMC picked up the first season of Pet Hotel and 100 two-minute Pet Hotel shorts.

Nova signed a deal for season one of both Polly Pocket and Endangered Species, as well as season ten of Fireman Sam and season 18 of the classic Bob the Builder, for its platforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“We’re delighted to bring our content to kids and families across Central and Eastern Europe through these partnerships with leading platforms in the region,” said Darcee McCartney, sales manager for CEE at WildBrain. “These deals highlight the strong demand we’re seeing from platforms as well as the enduring popularity of evergreen brands with kids and families everywhere. I look forward to meeting with buyers in the territory to discuss their content and programming needs during NATPE Budapest.”