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MIPCOM Spotlight: Pink Parrot Media

October 11, 2023

For preschool-aged audiences, the Pink Parrot Media highlight Sleepy’s Dream Team centers on Sleepy, a teddy bear, and his friends as they harvest dream dust for Starlet to scatter in bedrooms all over the world.

MIPCOM Spotlight: Toon2Tango

October 10, 2023

Monster Loving Maniacs, a featured title from Toon2Tango, follows Edith, Ernest and Bo, three siblings who are being trained as monster hunters by their tough, old grandfather.

MIPCOM Spotlight: Filmax

October 5, 2023

SUPERTHINGS Rivals of Kaboom—Kazoom Power, on offer from Filmax, is a series based on the universe and spirit of the SUPERTHINGS toys.