MIPCOM Spotlight: pocket.watch


Love, Diana ranks as a top offering among pocket.watch’s MIPCOM roster.

The show takes its star Diana into the Land of Play, where she is transformed from her live-action self to the animated Princess of Play. Episodes showcase themes of friendship, leadership, imagination and play.

Toys and Colors Kaleidoscope City also tops the list, delving into a magical world where kids can learn the importance of empathetic thinking. Captain Future Pirate guest stars a bevy of kid creators such as Jason Vlogs and Mackenzie Turner Roblox.

“With today’s kids increasingly gravitating to social video platforms, pocket.watch is the leading force bringing them content that’s proven popular, highly curated and enriching, in places that are safe, selective and committed to quality,” notes Jeff Siegel, global head of content distribution.

Siegel adds that “pocket.watch has the largest collection of shows and stars that have proven appeal with today’s digital-first generation.”