MIPCOM Spotlight: Toon2Tango


Monster Loving Maniacs, a featured title from Toon2Tango, follows Edith, Ernest and Bo, three siblings who are being trained as monster hunters by their tough, old grandfather.

Unlike their grandfather, the kids love paranormal creatures and look for a way to save the monsters rather than hunt them. “It’s a highly original story but also great fun, with lots of excitement and humor as well as bigger themes, like families, relationships and coping with our fears, all delivered with wit, energy and stylish, skilled animation,” says Ulli Stoef, CEO and producer.

The Wee Littles, a preschool stop-motion series about a family of four small creatures, and Agent 203, centering on a daughter’s journey to follow in her father’s footsteps as an intergalactic agent, also top the company’s MIPCOM slate.

“We’re planning some strategic new developments that we’re keen to talk about very soon,” says Stoef.