MIPCOM Spotlight: Guru Studio


Guru Studio’s original 2D comedy adventure series Big Blue is among the featured titles on the company’s MIPCOM slate.

Created by Ghanaian-Canadian artist Gyimah Gariba, the show “offers young viewers a comedic and heartfelt look at what it means to be part of a tightly-knit family, underscoring the message that caring for our planet and each other is the most important thing of all,” says Jennifer Oppenheimer, international sales and licensing manager.

123 Number Squad!, following Paula, Billy and Tim as they use numbers, counting and shapes to become a fast-response rescue team that helps the citizens of Numberville, and True and the Rainbow Kingdom, encouraging children to be mindful, courageous and respectful of all living things, also rank as top titles.

“For over 20 years, Guru Studio has brought to life some of the most recognizable and beloved children’s properties in the world,” adds Oppenheimer.