MIPCOM Spotlight: Mattel Television


Barbie: A Touch of Magic is a top program highlight from Mattel Television, along with Monster High and Barney’s World.

The first title sees Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts forge new friendships and embark on mystical adventures at the shore when they stumble upon a baby pegasus. The pair must look to their friends and family to help keep their new friend safe from the clutches of Rocki, a magical being with her own agenda.

“During a hugely exciting time for the Barbie brand, we are thrilled to announce all-new Barbie content in the months ahead,” says Alex Godfrey, VP of content distribution.

The highlights Monster High, including a second season of the series and Monster High the Movie 2, and Barney’s World reinvigorate familiar Mattel brands and characters for television.

“Mattel content shines due to the strength and mass public awareness of our long-standing IPs, beloved characters and appeal to diverse audiences across generations,” says Godfrey.