Annecy Spotlight: Mattel Television Studios


Leading Mattel Television Studios’ highlights, Hot Wheels Let’s Race brings the hit toy brand to the screen, providing viewers with engaging stories, characters and fast cars.

Barbie: A Touch of Magic, now with a second season, continues to empower kids “with Barbie brand messaging that anyone can be anything,” says Michelle Mendelovitz, head of Mattel Television Studios.

The upcoming series Barney’s World will introduce the iconic dinosaur to a new generation. “The series will reflect the world that kids are living in today and deliver meaningful lessons about navigating it while remaining true to the original theme of the brand,” Mendelovitz says.

“With both the nostalgia and timelessness associated with our brands, our content strives to resonate across generations and is relatable to audiences all over the world,” adds Mendelovitz. “Each of these shows builds off one of our beloved global franchises, expanding upon fans’ favorite characters, toys and brands.”