Annecy Spotlight: Brands & Rights 360


Brands & Rights 360 is showcasing the long-running, football-driven animation Captain Tsubasa/Campeones.

Ignacio (Iñaki) Orive, president, says, “We periodically relaunch the series to coincide with the EUROs and World Cup.”

Elinor Wonders Why has a second season set to air in June on PBS KIDS. The show “stands out globally by encouraging preschoolers to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don’t understand and find answers using science inquiry skills,” notes Orive, adding that the show “involves parents and caregivers in the learning process, encouraging a collaborative exploration of nature and science.”

The live-action production Gina Yei is upcoming.

Season two of Studio Campedelli, Cartobaleno and Digitoonz’s upper-preschool comedy Atchoo! rounds out the company’s slate.