Brands & Rights 360 Tapped to Rep Bing


Acamar Films has tapped Brands & Rights 360 to represent its preschool IP Bing across Latin America, MENA, EMEA and other international markets.

Brands & Rights 360 will advise Acamar Films on media strategy for building on Bing’s success and will represent the distribution rights for the IP in key territories. It will also work closely with Acamar to appoint local partners across Latin America to manage licensing and publishing rights.

Bing’s seven-minute episodes present authentic portrayals of the emotions, developmental stages and age-appropriate daily experiences of preschoolers.

In addition to finding success on linear television, it is available internationally over a 36-channel YouTube network, with over 1 million hours of viewing each day. Acamar continues to expand its global reach with the delivery of American English, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi episodes.

“We are delighted to be working with Iñaki and the team at Brands & Rights 360,” said Mikael Shields, CEO of Acamar Films and producer of Bing. “They are so generous with their expertise, extensive knowledge and contacts; they have already helped us to strengthen our distribution opportunities for Bing.”

Ignacio “Iñaki” Orive, president of Brands & Rights 360, added, “I believe that Bing is truly special. It gives our youngest audience members a way to understand themselves and their world in a way that feels timeless, universal and remarkably individual. At Brands & Rights 360, we genuinely have specialist knowledge of this young audience. We all believe that, in partnership with the extraordinary team at Acamar Films, we already have the momentum to strengthen Bing’s path to become a global evergreen hit. I love it!”