FAST Channel for Blippi


Moonbug Entertainment has rolled out its first FAST channel for all things Blippi.

The 24/7 channel has debuted exclusively on Samsung TV Plus in the U.S. and is set to land in Canada soon. It offers over 55 hours of Blippi content, which aims to spark curiosity in children and turn learning into an adventure.

Dan’l Hewitt, head of global partnerships at Moonbug Entertainment, said, “The way families enjoy entertainment today is evolving. So, we’re thrilled to launch our first free, 24/7 ad-supported streaming channel on Samsung TV Plus. New and existing fans now have a new way to join Blippi’s adventures.

“Demand for high-impact, compliant connected television advertising continues to grow. So Moonbug will take the advertising media to market for brands and agencies for the channel.”