MIPCOM Spotlight: Pink Parrot Media


For preschool-aged audiences, the Pink Parrot Media highlight Sleepy’s Dream Team centers on Sleepy, a teddy bear, and his friends as they harvest dream dust for Starlet to scatter in bedrooms all over the world.

Louis the Piglet, a highlight for 5- to 8-year-olds, follows Louis and his best friend, Rascal, on their quest to find a magical helmet that may help the piglet take on his mean cousin Bruno.

Joy Eternal follows 16-year-old Joy as she attempts to take down a megacorporation, losing everything she thought she knew in the process. Aimed at teen audiences, “the series explores themes of loss, grief, environmental crisis and the power of never giving up,” says Begoña Esteban, head of international TV sales and acquisitions. “The series is full of humor and adventure, and it offers unique social commentary on the world we live in.”

Esteban adds, “Each series is very well focused on the target it wants to reach.”