SUNRIGHTS Launches GEN BEY Online Campaign


SUNRIGHTS has rolled out GEN BEY, an official online campaign to encourage BEYBLADE fans to interact with the brand and gain access to perks such as sneak peeks and giveaways.

Beginning today, BEYBLADE BURST fans can sign on to the official GEN BEY Facebook page to receive access to new products, sneak peeks, clips from upcoming episodes and exclusive giveaways of BEYBLADE BURST swag. They can also sign up for a dedicated monthly newsletter and more, including the GEN BEY Birthday Club and a soon-to-be-announced sweepstakes.

There will be special incentives for members who challenge their Blader friends to join in and visit GEN BEY often.

“With GEN BEY, our goal is to engage the brand’s loyal fan base while reaching, connecting with and activating a whole new generation of BEYBLADE fans,” stated Natasha Gross, the TV sales, marketing and licensing director of SUNRIGHTS. “This is a campaign that represents the fans’ voice, their way to find a special identity among their fellow Bladers while enjoying some pretty amazing perks along the way.”