ADK Emotions NY Launches Beyblade TikTok Account


ADK Emotions NY (ADK) has launched an official TikTok account for Beyblade as it continues to grow the brand’s digital ecosystem.

The TikTok account, which joins Beyblade’s presence on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, showcases a variety of animated clips, character reels and battle videos. Footage from the Beyblade content archive will also be posted on the account.

An all-new content program of product unboxing and ASMR content will launch and be a regular feature of the brand’s digital output moving forward as well.

Further, ADK Emotions remains committed to collaborating with Beyblade influencers, including Osvaruto in Mexico and Beyblade Geeks in Canada, to promote the animation, content and new toy concepts and to update fans on any brand-related news.