Studio 100 Media Partners with BrandLoyalty


Studio 100 Media has signed a five-year agreement with BrandLoyalty for international loyalty campaigns for Vegesaurs.

Vegesaurs follows vegetable- and fruit-shaped dinosaurs as they teach upper preschoolers about getting to sleep, sharing, friendship, nurturing mealtimes and play. All 20 episodes are slated to debut in the fall.

Claudia Mennen, CEO of BrandLoyalty, said, “We are delighted to be able to partner with Studio 100 on the upcoming Vegesaurs series. A continuing focus for food retailers is to encourage children to choose healthier options, and therefore, making vegetables fun through the Vegesaurs is a perfect way to connect with kids across the globe.”

The series is produced by Cheeky Little for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and France TV. Principal production funding is provided by Screen Australia, with Studio 100 as co-investor. Studio 100 Media is also responsible for the worldwide distribution of content and licensing and merchandising rights, excluding Australia and New Zealand.