Sky Adds Book-Based Aliens Love Underpants to Lineup


Aliens Love Underpants AND…, adapted from the children’s books by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, is due to debut exclusively on Sky and the Sky Kids app this summer.

The Sky original is being produced by Tiger Aspect. The series of 12×2-minute animations will see the pants-loving aliens singing and dancing along to wacky songs about cupcakes, spaceships and more. It is geared toward viewers between the ages of 3 and 6.

Aliens Love Underpants AND… joins Sky’s lineup of kids’ content that also includes such new shows as Miniteve, featuring educational documentary-style videos about animals, cars and playtime; Big Block Singsong, an animated and musical short-form series from Goddard/Brown; and Bear Behaving Badly, a British comedy from BAFTA winner Darrall Macqueen.

Tom Beattie, the head of animation and kids at Tiger Aspect, stated: “As a parent, I know how much kids love the fun silly songs that they repeat again and again (and again!). We’re looking forward to making our own, using the cast of brilliant and beloved aliens from the world that Claire and Ben have created. The catchy songs and get-up-and-dance routines will make these aliens pop stars for preschoolers and parents everywhere will be humming their songs!”

Lucy Murphy, the head of kids’ content at Sky, added: “At Sky, we have the very best range of entertainment for kids and their families. We are thrilled to be working with Tiger Aspect to bring Aliens Love Underpants to rowdy life, to be adding great British comedy from Darrall Macqueen, and mesmerizing mini-docs from Miniteve—we know kids will love these new shows.”