MIPJunior Spotlight: Zodiak Kids


Targeting the preschool set, the Zodiak Kids MIPCOM highlight Percy’s Tiger Tales aims to show young ones that with a bit of imagination and a little help, they can overcome any difficulty.

“This gorgeous show will appeal to buyers looking for a program about friendship, costume characters and positive messages,” says Delphine Dumont, senior VP of sales, acquisitions and co-production at Zodiak Kids.

Further highlights from the catalog include Babyatrice, aimed at a family audience, and Cry Babies, meant for the upper-preschool demographic. “Cry Babies has already proven to be a huge success on YouTube and on all the platforms that have launched it,” says Dumont.

For teens, there’s Flatmates, a comedic drama set in the buzzing metropolitan area of Manchester. Dumont notes the “diverse characters and universal storytelling” as reasons she believes it will strike a chord with a broad audience.