MIPCOM Spotlight: Zodiak Kids


Zodiak Kids’ Mumfie features an eclectic cast of animals supported by bright visuals and physical humor.

Each 7-minute episode jumps straight into the action, allowing time for fun and laughter.

A new season of Street Football is available just in time for the World Cup in 2022. The heroes of the series return, just as determined to prove that size and age don’t matter. “All that counts is street football’s spirit: friendship, respect and solidarity,” says Delphine Dumont, senior VP of sales, acquisitions and co-productions.

Also in Zodiak Kids’ catalog, Silverpoint is a sci-fi mystery adventure that leaves viewers desperate to know what happens next. With many twists and turns and little clues for those who pay close attention, the series builds to a cliffhanger in the finale.

“We are looking forward to seeing everyone live or digitally,” says Dumont.