In-Demand: Preschool—Part 2


We’re featuring a slate of fantastic new shows in our latest round of In-Demand reports, just in time for MIPCOM and MIPJunior. In the second of two preschool reports, we spotlight Zodiak Kids’ Mumfie, Planeta Junior’s Milo, Global Screen’s Mister Paper and Serious Kids’ Tulipop.


Commissioners: France TV (France), Rai (Italy)
Produced By: Zodiak Kids Studio, Animoka
Distributor: Zodiak Kids
Description: (Preschool, 78×7 min.) Preschool comedy series from the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine featuring the optimistic young elephant Mumfie and his best friends Pinkey and Jelly Bean.
Pitch Perfect: “Audiences will fall in love with Mumfie because it’s warm and friendly, with an eclectic cast of animal characters in a slightly off-kilter world. In each episode, there is one clear and simple story—with plenty of time for fun and laughter. The dialogue is always supported by bright and appealing visuals, with a lot of physical humor.” —Delphine Dumont
Sales Contacts: Delphine Dumont, SVP, Sales, Acquisitions & Co-Productions; Cecile Cau, VP, Sales & Co-Productions; Julia Rowlands, VP, Sales, Co-Productions & Acquisitions.


Commissioner: Milkshake!/Channel 5 (U.K.)
Produced By: Fourth Wall in association with Planeta Junior, supported by the U.K. Government’s Young Audiences Content Fund.
Distributor: Planeta Junior for all media and licensing rights worldwide excluding the U.K.
Description: (Preschool 3-6 comedy/educational, 52×11 min.) Milo aims to introduce preschool children to the large variety of vocations and their associated outfits, vehicles and uniforms in a fun and entertaining way.
Pitch Perfect: Milo and his friends discover that every vocation is amazing, giving a positive message to kids that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up. Like current times, Milo’s world celebrates delivery workers as much as explorers and doctors and nurses as much as astronauts.
Sales Contacts: Lucia Vismara, Judit Foz.

Mister Paper

Commissioner: VRT Ketnet
Produced By: A private view, Beast Animation, Viking Film, NDR, Balance Film
Distributor: All rights worldwide from Global Screen.
Description: (Preschool 0-5, 26×5 min.) With his scissors, Mister Paper cuts and sticks together the world that he wants. With his childlike imagination, he is never alone.
Pitch Perfect: We are convinced that this animation series will stimulate children to get creative themselves. We want them to start working with paper, glue and paint, just like they do in kindergarten. We hope that our young audience will create their own universe, just like Mister Paper does.
Sales Contact: Julia Weber, Head, International Sales & Acquisitions.


Commissioner: Síminn (Iceland)
Produced By: Tulipop Studios
Distributor: Television, VOD and home entertainment from Serious Kids.
Description: (Preschool 3-6, 26×5 min.) Modern-day fairy tales set on the fantastical island of Tulipop, where anything can happen—and usually does! Follow the adventures of Gloomy, Bubble, Fred, Miss Maddy and Mister Tree, a group of unique and equally lovable characters.
Pitch Perfect: We look at others and wished we could be them. We wished we could have what they have. But you can’t be someone else. You are you. Tulipop encourages you to be who you are! The stories celebrate diversity and uniqueness in a magical world where anything is possible. The kids can learn they are unique and have their own talents and experiences.
Sales Contact: