MIPJunior Spotlight: TV Asahi


Two of TV Asahi’s flagship shows, Doraemon and Shin chan, have long legacies of fans and success in Japan already, with hundreds of episodes and theatrical movies produced every year.

The company also has the new slapstick comedy Super Shiro, inspired by the Shin chan franchise. On the Sunday of MIPJunior, TV Asahi is hosting a breakfast session and world premiere for Super Shiro.

“Various broadcasters and platforms have already shown great interest in Super Shiro since we announced the show earlier this year,” says Takahiro Kishimoto, head of animation in the international business department of TV Asahi. “While we are expecting interest from the existing Shin chan fans and partners, the show also has the very rare combination of being in the vein of Tom & Jerry and its type of action,” says Kishimoto.

The show is directed by Masaaki Yuasa, known for his work on the Netflix series Devilman Crybaby.