MIPCOM Spotlight: Inanimatti


Inanimatti is featuring its inaugural animated IP, Arky Arch Adventures.

For kids 6 to 12, the series follows the story of Arky, a hopeful, young Roman Arch who embarks on a high-stakes journey across the planet Tredi to uncover his true purpose and save the world from devastation. While Arky is courageous, his passion for triumph and his natural leadership qualities allow him to make friends of all shapes, sizes and archetypes.

“The series delivers immersive and edge-of-your-seat storytelling with incredibly unique world-building to create a fun, funny and dynamic adventure series that will connect and resonate with kids on every continent,” says Chris Bangle, co-founder of Inanimatti and creator of Arky Arch Adventures.

The series aims to foster an appreciation for design, creativity and diversity among its audiences. “We hope to encourage kids to see the world around them in a new and imaginative way,” explains Bangle.