Hasbro Kicks Off Transformers 35th Anniversary Campaign


Hasbro has launched its new campaign, More Than Meets the Eye, in celebration of the Transformers brand’s 35th anniversary.

The campaign invites fans, celebrities and the creative team behind the Transformers franchise to showcase how they’re “more than meets the eye” through video submissions. To kick off the campaign, Angela Bassett (Bumblebee) explained in a YouTube video that she is not only a Golden Globe-winning actress but a Yale graduate as well.

The More Than Meets the Eye video campaign will continue throughout 2019, with new videos dropping every month from important members of the Transformers franchise. Contributors include the makers of the 1986 Transformers animated movie, Transformers game designers and comic book creators.

Each video will include a call to action asking viewers to think about how they’re more than meets the eye, whether it’s a hidden talent, a charitable passion or a hobby, and post their videos to social media.