DHX Survey Finds Kids Prefer to Consume Content on Tablets


HALIFAX/TORONTO: DHX Media and Ipsos have revealed the results from a survey of 2,700 parents in the U.S., U.K. and Canada meant to discover how kids up to the age of 12 consume entertainment content.

The survey found that children have embraced mobile on-demand viewing, and that tablets are their preferred screen for consuming content. In the homes surveyed, 72 percent of kids’ daily viewing is from streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. When viewing content, 61 percent of youngsters use tablets, with 78 percent of households having at least one tablet and 29 percent having a tablet for use by a child only. Tablets were found to be the most popular screen used by kids to watch 45 percent of their streamed content.

The survey also found that 40 percent of children use smartphones to consume their content, 90 percent of homes with kids under 13 have at least one smartphone, and 14 percent have a smartphone that is only used by a child. Nearly 25 percent of kids are using smartphones to watch streamed content.

Of all the streaming platforms, YouTube proved to be the most popular among respondents, followed closely by Netflix. YouTube’s ad-supported VOD service earned 15 percent of all streaming viewing, with Netflix having 13 percent. When its premium subscription-supported VOD services are included, YouTube garners 24 percent of all streaming viewing.

Another finding of the survey was that 80 percent of parents like the idea of being able to click through from a video to purchase merchandise for their children, and 49 percent said they would use One Click Content to Retail if available. In addition, 81 percent of parents like the idea of a kid being able to keep a Wish List of products with One Click Content to Retail.

Dana Landry, the CEO of DHX Media, said: “As a global leader in the production and distribution of children’s content, it is important to check in with parents to get their views on how families consume content. DHX Media’s mission is to create children’s content that inspires, entertains and connects the global on-demand generation, and we are encouraged by the results of this survey. The new generation of kids has embraced mobile devices and they love streaming services. Parents are comfortable with kids enjoying content on these new platforms and they are very receptive to the potential for these models to include e-commerce.”