Fourth Season for CAKE & TeamTO’s Angelo Rules


PARIS/LONDON: TeamTO and CAKE have begun production on season four of the award-winning animated series Angelo Rules.

The comedy centers on Angelo, a sweet-talking genius who has a knack for getting out of trouble. The upcoming season brings the total number of episodes to 234 and it is slated to debut on TéléTOON+ and Super RTL in early 2018. Season four will feature new plot twists and trending technology such as virtual reality, social media and more. The 52×11-minute fourth season will also introduce new characters.

A TeamTO and CAKE co-production with TéléTOON+ and Super RTL in collaboration with France Télévisions, Angelo Rules is based on the French book series Comment Faire Enrager, written by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and illustrated by Sébastien Diologent. The show debuted in 2010 and has aired in more than 100 countries.

Laurence Blaevoet, the director of the kids’ division at Canal+, commented, “Angelo Rules is THE most popular show for 6- to 11-year-olds on TéléTOON+. This fourth season is sure to be the funniest and most fun-filled so far—with ever more zany advice from everyone’s favorite hero, Angelo!”

Carsten Göttel, the director of programming at Super RTL, said, “Angelo offers action-packed adventures in a relatable setting. Dynamic characters combined with striking visuals and compelling storytelling make Angelo Rules a perfect fit for Super RTL and we are very much looking forward to a new season of this top-performing series.”

Corinne Kouper, producer and co-founder of TeamTO, added, “For this fourth season we have brought in two exceptional directors, Siggraph/Imagina winner Max Maleo and Oscar-nominated Thierry Marchand. Their common passion for Manga, and Thierry’s experience on DreamWorks’ feature Madagascar, will bring a cutting edge to the characters as well as the storytelling, and give the show the cinematic look for which TeamTO’s TV series are known.”

Tom van Waveren, CEO and creative director at CAKE, said, “It’s a rare privilege to get a chance to produce a full fourth season of an animation series. The fact that we have this opportunity on Angelo Rules is a tribute to the property and the wonderful team that has shaped and looked after Angelo over the years, our partners and Angelo’s many fans.”