CAKE Boards Kiwi Island


CAKE and Kickstart Entertainment are partnering with Cloud9World on the new CG animated series Kiwi Island, which explores emotional awareness.

The 52×11-minute series, targeted to 3- to 7-year-olds, will be produced by Kickstart Entertainment with design work from Colombian animation production company ZincoTools Entertainment. It is executive produced by Josh Fisher, a former Netflix kids and family senior manager, and executive produced and distributed internationally by CAKE. Scripts will be written by Corey Powell (Do, Re & Mi; Doc McStuffins).

Set on a tropical paradise full of Kiwi birds—who live and play together but don’t always see, feel or experience things in the same way—the series shows children how to recognize emotions in themselves and others and how they affect the people around them.

Kiwi Island is based on Cloud9World’s in-school social learning program Let’s Learn about Emotions with Kiwi, which focuses on emotional intelligence strategies and has been adopted by schools in 17 countries, including in the U.S.

A series of interactive games, books, videos and plush dolls accompany the program.

Ed Galton, CEO at CAKE, said, “We are excited to work with Cloud9World and Kickstart on Kiwi Island and look forward to introducing this relatable animated comedy helping children develop relationship skills, to our partners at Annecy next week.”

Jason Netter, CEO at Kickstart, said, “We are thrilled to be working with the CAKE team and Cloud9World to bring their successful school program of charming Kiwi characters to a bigger worldwide audience with this TV series. We believe in the importance of emotional learning for young audiences and the positive impact it can have now and as they grow.”

Andrea Nachtigall, CEO at Cloud9World, said, “Our in-school program has succeeded in large part because it is driven by characters to which children relate. Bringing these adorable characters into a fully dimensional, animated world shaped by story and fun, in partnership with Kickstart and CAKE, will heighten the experience, and the learning, for young children around the world.”