Rai, KiKA Board Behind the Beats


Italy’s Rai and Germany’s KiKA have joined co-production partner France Télévisions on board the animated pop music documentary series Behind the Beats.

The 26×5-minute series debuted on France Télévisions in 2023. Rai launched the series in Italy in February 2024, with KiKA to follow in the coming months. Produced in a modern music video and video game graphic style, the show was created by Baptiste Jaquemet.

A TeamTO series, it is is produced by Corinne Kouper (TeamTO) and Emmanuel Deletang (22D Media Group), in partnership with France Télévisions.

Sebastian Debertin, head of international content, acquisitions and co-productions in the managing and programming department at KiKA, said: “Behind the Beats is a fantastic way of introducing kids and family audiences to the world’s musical heritage. This unique new series will quickly win over KiKA audiences by taking them on a colorful and inspiring journey, backstage and behind the scenes of key trends in global music, presenting techno, punk, salsa, pop, grunge, soul and funk. KiKA is very keen to present the outstanding and inspiring stories about great artists and unique characters, including pioneers of music, like Kraftwerk. The series even features some heroes from my own teen days like The Ramones and Debbie Harry, and also big stars of today, like Dr. Dre.  Behind the Beats is programming with a real groove!”

“Discovering how the most famous pieces of pop music were born, the styles and genres of the music we listen to every day is a fun and educational experience,” commented Luca Milano, director of Rai Kids. “This is why, as a public broadcaster, we were pleased to welcome the Behind the Beats animated series, an innovative and stimulating project. The series also has the advantage of uniting generations: that of adults who witnessed the success of great pop and rock artists, and younger ones who enjoy discovering the context and background of the music that they still love today.”

Kouper added, “Behind the Beats offers more than just a unique point of view on great musical moments—it inspires viewers to explore their own creativity, showing how so many artists started their careers in unusual ways.”