Canela Kids Picks Up Mondo TV Titles


Mondo TV Studios has signed a deal with Canela Media that will see a number of titles from its library debut in the U.S. and Latin America on Canela Kids.

The deal includes a Spanish-language version of Nina & Olga, inspired by the best-selling preschool property Olga the Cloud by Nicoletta Costa. The series follows 6-year-old Nina as she begins school alongside her classmate Teo and their special friend Olga, a funny and soft cloud.

Nina & Olga is co-produced with Enanimation, with the participation of Rai Kids.

Also included is Bat Pat 2, a co-production with Atlantyca Entertainment, Rai Ragazzi and RTVE that sees a talking bat and his friends try to unravel the mysteries of the scary creatures that lurk in their hometown.

Two seasons of the live-action pre-teen comedy drama Heidi Bienvenida will also make their way to Canela Kids. The show is co-produced with Alianzas Producciones and created by Argentinean writer Marcela Citterio.

MeteoHeroes season one will be available in Latin America as well.

“This agreement with Mondo TV expands our offering for kids of all ages,” said Maggie Salas Amaro, director of Canela Kids. “We are thrilled to be adding to our existing titles on Canela Kids with new and original content from Mondo TV.”

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios, added, “This agreement with Canela Media represents another important step in the expansion of our company’s involvement in the Latin America and United States markets. We’re delighted to bring some of our most successful children’s content to Canela Media, a company that is both highly innovative and hugely respected for its effort to cater to Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.”