Banijay Kids & Family Picks Up Topo Gigio


Banijay Kids & Family has been appointed as the worldwide distributor for the iconic children’s brand Topo Gigio across audiovisual, digital, publishing, licensing and merchandising.

Originally created by Italian puppet artist Maria Perego in 1959, Topo Gigio has recently been reimagined as a preschool cartoon comedy series co-produced by Movimenti Production (a Banijay Kids & Family company) and Topo Gigio S.r.l. The 2D series is currently airing a second season on Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay.

Banijay Kids & Family will work with existing master toy licensee Giochi Preziosi and has also appointed Ladybug Entertainment’s Elena Picco as a consultant to nurture the commercial expansion of the brand in Italy.

Benoît Di Sabatino, Banijay Kids & Family’s CEO, said: “Topo Gigio is an iconic brand that has huge commercial potential. Accompanied by the fantastic series from the talented Movimenti Production team and Topo Gigio S.r.l., we have an ambitious growth strategy for the brand in place for next year and into 2024.”

Alessandro Rossi, owner and CEO of Topo Gigio S.r.l., said: “I am very proud to be part of the Banijay Family. I look forward to a sincere, creative and productive relationship. I wanted also to personally express my gratitude to Mr. Benoit Di Sabatino for his professionalism, warm exchange of ideas and dedication shown since the beginning of our collaboration.”

Giorgio Scorza, CEO of Movimenti Production, added: “I’m so excited, this is what I was expecting when we started such a great adventure, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Especially now that Topo Gigio season two first episodes are available in Italy, bringing to the little audience the heart, the adventure and the great values we all love in such a legendary Italian icon.”