Scholastic & Gaumont Team for Rocket Park


Scholastic Entertainment and Gaumont have partnered to co-develop and co-produce Rocket Park, inspired by Sofia Sanchez, a 13-year-old Down syndrome self-advocate, actress and inspiration for the children’s books You Are Enough and You Are Loved.

The new animated preschool show will focus on four kids who work together to help their community and teach young viewers about embracing and celebrating differences and accepting others and themselves. It will feature original music.

The books inspired by Sanchez, written by Margaret O’Hair and illustrated by Sofia Cardoso, teach similar messages. You Are Enough includes a vast set of characters with all kinds of backgrounds, experiences and abilities and shows readers how important it is to embrace your differences and be proud of who you are. The companion book You Are Loved, set to be published in March 2023, introduces readers to different types of families—from Sanchez’s adopted family to blended families, those with two moms and two dads or single parents, mixed-race families and kids raised by grandparents, guardians or older siblings.

Rocket Park will be the first project that Scholastic Entertainment and Gaumont will work on together following the launch of Stillwater on Apple TV+. Sketch comedy and improv writing and performing duo Amy Stephenson and Shane Langan will serve as showrunners for the new series. Executive producers for Scholastic Entertainment will be Iole Lucchese (Clifford the Big Red Dog), president; Caitlin Friedman (Stillwater), senior VP and general manager; and Jef Kaminsky (Signs of Survival), VP of TV development. For Gaumont, executive producers will be Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee, vice-CEOS; Nicolas Atlan, president of Gaumont, U.S.; Terry Kalagian, executive VP of creative content, U.S.; and Michelle Sullivan, VP of creative development for animation and family.

“We are thrilled to work with Sofia Sanchez to amplify her voice and create a space for the many kids and families who identify with her story and proud to partner again with Gaumont to bring Rocket Park to the screen,” Lucchese said. “We hope to spread the messages of love and acceptance and introduce more children to Sofia’s books.”

Rocket Park builds upon Scholastic Entertainment’s mission to develop an inclusive slate of programming for all children, just as Scholastic publishes stories where all kids can find themselves in the pages,” added Friedman.

Gaumont’s Atlan added, “We are delighted to continue partnering with Scholastic Entertainment through this new project and look forward to building on the success of our award-winning series, Stillwater, currently available on Apple TV+. We are excited to be working with the talented Sofia Sanchez. As an inspiring young ambassador of inclusion and empowerment, utilizing her authentic voice and unique perspective, she will be key in helping to bring the joyful characters of Rocket Park to life.”

“I can’t wait to teach children how to be good helpers,” Sanchez said. “This is going to be so much fun!”