Animasia Sends ABC Monsters & Chuck Chicken to Canada


Malaysia’s Animasia Studio has licensed the popular series ABC Monsters and Chuck Chicken to Toon-A-Vision in Canada, and is set to collaborate with Dot Republic Media (DRM) on a YouTube project.

ABC Monsters, aimed at kids ages 4 to 6, follows Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry on their adventure to find the ABC Monsters before they wander off and disappear from Capital Town, discovering how much fun words and letters can be along the way. The show is set to air on Toon-A-Vision’s The Lagoon preschool block at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays.

Scheduled to air on the Atlantic Digital Networks-owned Toon-A-Vision at 8 a.m. every Sunday morning, Chuck Chicken is an action-comedy series for kids ages 7 to 11. The story is set on Rocky Perch Island, where Chuck provides Kung Fu-style security and protection for its citizens with the help of a powerful Golden Egg and his friends Flick and Wing.

Raye Lee, executive director of Animasia Studio, said: Animasia is always working very hard to build upon the global success of our IP Portfolio. North America is always important to our business and presents a significant growth opportunity across our lineup of kids’ animated content. This latest partnership with Toon-A-Vision highlights the universal appeal and quality of our content. We’re thrilled to have secured our first Canadian broadcast deal for ABC Monsters and Chuck Chicken and to introduce our fun alphabet monsters and Kung Fu Chicken to Canadian audiences.”

Adam Mimnagh, president of Toon-A-Vision, added: “ABC Monsters is an important addition to Toon-A-Vision’s broadcast schedule. It has a safe, strong educational curriculum as well as a unique positive message in each episode which our young viewers and their parents will enjoy. It is not available anywhere else in Canada so we hope parents will tune in with their young ones each weekday morning to start their day.”

As for Animasia Studio’s collaboration with the Pakistan-based Dot Republic Media, the companies are planning to dub Animasia’s Fairytales from the Orient in Urdu and upload it to YouTube as a weekly series. The dubbed 2D animated series will be distributed through the Cartoons Central Channel on Youtube, with future plans of creating its own YouTube channel. Fairytales from the Orient has previously been shown on TV2 in Malaysia, Suria in Singapore, MNCTV in Indonesia and Jeem TV in the Middle East.

Animasia’s Lee said: “We’ve always wanted to collaborate with DRM to further expand our digital platform business, not just in South Asia but in Urdu-speaking countries as well. We’re seeing great results already and we can’t wait to see how both Animasia and DRM will have a mutually beneficial collaboration in the long run. I am confident that DRM’s experienced team of savvy professionals are the right people to work with as we continue to build our brands for success on the YouTube platform.”

Adnan Butt, CEO of Dot Republic Media, added: “We are thrilled to take Animasia as a strategic partner in creating kids’ content and distribution of their current assets in Pakistan, in our native language. As the content is based on good entertainment, moral values and a knowledge base, we are hoping to create a niche for an audience that is right now completely unattended. Who knows, we might be writing the greatest chapter of kids’ content in this market, and who else can be a better partner than Animasia.”