Potato Preps Entertainment Series Go for It for ITV


LONDON: ITV has commissioned Potato to produce the new entertainment series Go for It, based on Talpa’s format Challenge Me.

Go for It will see contestants put their unusual skills to the test, including the ability to identify 30 different types of wood by smell alone. The show is hosted by Stephen Mulhern. The 7×1-hour adaptation will air on ITV later this year. Talpa’s Challenge Me format has already been produced in the U.S., the Netherlands and the Ukraine.

The U.K. version is executive produced by Rachael Parker and Michael Kelpie for Potato. Asif Zubairy, the commissioning editor for entertainment at ITV, ordered the series.

Kelpie, the managing director of Potato, said, “Go for It is exactly the type of entertainment show I loved watching as a kid. I am so excited to be making it and I can’t wait to get comfy on the sofa at home with my family and watch the amazing skills and weird talents that people have from all across the U.K.”

Zubairy commented: “This is a show in which we could discover people’s most unbelievable talents. OAPs cracking walnuts with their eyelids to teenagers identifying brands of toilet paper by taste alone. Until now there hasn’t been a televisual forum to display these skills. With Go for It, there is now—I can’t wait.”

Maarten Meijs, the managing director of Talpa Global, added, “We’re very excited to work with ITV and Potato on Go for It. The fun-filled format with a broad range of talents engages the audience by letting people at home take on the challenge of beating the set records. Its interactive, hilarious and diverse nature is a perfect fit for ITV.”