Plimsoll Productions Producing Celebrity Shark Format


Plimsoll Productions is producing the new format SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters for ITV in honor of Jaws’ 50th anniversary.

The format will dare a group of celebrities to confront their fear of sharks by visiting the shark capital of the world in the Bahamas. They will be tasked with diving with different species and undergoing fear-inducing challenges.

The series is slated to air on ITV next year in time for the anniversary of the three-time Oscar-winning film Jaws. Plimsoll is also actively pitching a U.S. adaptation.

International distribution of SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters will be handled by ITV Studios.

“The team at Plimsoll is uniquely positioned to pioneer this format that blends conservation with wildly entertaining pop culture,” said Karen Plumb, head of factual entertainment at Plimsoll Productions. “We’re constantly looking for innovative approaches to wildlife storytelling and are certain that our fish-out-of-water spin—delivering 50 years after Jaws—will transform the world’s perception of these critical predators before it’s too late.”

Katie Rawcliffe, head of entertainment commissioning at ITV, added, “We’re super excited to be combining the work of Plimsoll—a blue-chip natural history production company—with the expertise of ITV Entertainment. SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters promises to be a once in a lifetime challenge for some of the bravest celebrities out there.”