Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank Scores 50th Adaptation


Sony Pictures Television has inked a deal with Bongo and Deepto TV for an adaptation of Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank in Bangladesh, marking the format’s landmark 50th iteration.

Since launching in 2001 as Money Tigers on Nippon TV, the format has been produced around the world and almost $1 billion in investments in pitches have been made by Dragons and Sharks across the globe. The Bangladeshi version, Shark Tank Bangladesh, will be unique in that it will feature a rotating lineup of 12 Sharks.

The 50th edition of the series will debut on Bongo and Deepto TV in Bangladesh this spring. Its lineup of Sharks includes Fahim Mashroor, Sausan Khan Moyeen, Kazi Mahboob Hassan, Sami Ahmed, Faatin Haque, Nazim Farhan Chowdhury, Fahim Mashroor, Golam Murshed, Sami Ahmed and Samanzar Khan.

Dragons’ Den is distributed around the world by Sony Pictures Television under a number of titles, from Shark Tank (in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam and more), Lions’ Den (in Germany, Denmark and Kenya) and Dragons’ Den (in the U.K.). In France, it airs under the title Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé?, or Who Wants to Be My Partner?

The format was first adapted in the U.K. in 2005 on the BBC and is currently in its 21st season. It launched in the U.S. in 2009 on ABC, where season 15 is currently airing. The format also continues to find success across Latin America, with new seasons of Shark Tank in Mexico and Brazil recently announced. The 40th version of Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank debuted in France in 2020, and the format has since gone on to launch in Morocco, Georgia, India, Malta, Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, Slovakia, Dubai and now Bangladesh. Sony Pictures Television has also licensed the format to enter production in further new territories, including Pakistan and Nepal.

“Embarking on a global journey that began with the ferocious success of Money Tigers in Japan, from the mystical Dragon in some regions to the powerful Shark and even the majestic Lion in others, our entrepreneurial spirit has evolved into a truly global phenomenon across more than 50 territories worldwide,” said Tom Miyauchi, head of formats at Nippon TV. “We are rewriting the story of innovation, resilience and the undeniable power of entrepreneurship through prime-time entertainment and partnerships with Sony Pictures Television, all licensees and networks involved across the globe. Join us as we celebrate this extraordinary journey, where every territory becomes a stage for the world’s boldest ideas to take flight.”

“To see this franchise accelerate across another ten territory launches in just four years to cross this major global milestone is fantastic,” commented Laura St. Clair, VP of international formats at Sony Pictures Television. “It is a testament to the true universality of the format that each of these 50 versions have been uniquely tailored to and reflective of their territory but are instantly recognizable the world over. Following the incredibly strong recent launches in countries including India, we are very excited to bring Shark Tank to Bangladesh this year and look forward to working with partners in Pakistan, and many further territories, with some new and very exciting plans for the format to be announced soon.”

Ahad Bhai, CEO and co-founder of Bongo and producer of Shark Tank Bangladesh, added, “Bangladesh is a land of dynamic entrepreneurs full of grit and determination but lacks the infrastructure and platforms to support young individuals and businesses as they grow. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to bring a global platform like Shark Tank to our country. Shark Tank has been my favorite show for many years, and to be a part of this global movement, to help contribute to improving lives and empower entrepreneurs, truly is a dream come true. Being the 50th edition of Shark Tank is very special. We are doing our best to make Shark Tank Bangladesh on par with the global standard as an entertainment platform and also to help change lives, one business at a time.”