David Tennant to Front ITV’s Genius Game


ITV has tapped David Tennant to front its new reality game show Genius Game, produced by Banijay UK’s Remarkable Entertainment.

The show, originally created by CJ ENM, sees contestants participate in games designed to not only test their intellectual acumen but to encourage them to carefully and creatively use the art of manipulation to outfox their opponents. Tennant will take on the role of “The Creator” to guide players as they attempt to navigate each challenge.

Genius Game is represented by Banijay across 11 international markets, including the U.K., Germany, Iberia, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and the Nordics.

“This exciting reality format is designed to keep not just the players but the audience on the edge of their seats with each episode containing compelling gameplay and thrilling twists,” said Katie Rawcliffe, head of entertainment at ITV. “David Tennant is the perfect ringmaster to preside over this battle of brainpower, teamwork and deception. We’re delighted to be bringing Genius Game to the ITV audience.”

Tamara Gilder, joint managing director of Remarkable Entertainment, added ,“We are so thrilled that David will be guiding the players through the twists and turns of the show. There’s nothing quite like Genius Game. It’s smart and funny—just like he is. He’s the perfect frontman.”