ITV Orders Gary Lineker-Led Game Show


ITV has commissioned Sitting on a Fortune, a new high-stakes game show in which players could win up to £100,000, fronted by football legend Gary Lineker.

The show features six players, who are all trying to be in the right place at the right time to take away the large sum of cash. Sitting on a Fortune features no lifelines, safety nets or chances to walk away, meaning players must risk everything on getting the right answer in the hope of taking home the prize.

Players take to the stage and position themselves in a row of seats, one behind another. Where you sit makes all the difference as only the player in the chair at the head of the line gets the chance to answer questions, stay in the game and have the chance of winning the jackpot. One wrong answer sees a player relegated to the back of the line and in danger of leaving with nothing, as someone else moves up to take pole position. With the jackpot growing, there can be only one winner sitting on the fortune.

The new ITV Entertainment format is a co-production by ITV Studios labels Possessed and Potato. ITV Studios will handle international distribution for Sitting on a Fortune.

Gary Lineker says: “I am absolutely delighted to be hosting what I think and hope will be a show that people love. It’s going to be full of tension, with high stakes and bags of drama from start to finish—everything a great game show should be. I can’t wait for the viewers at home to experience the fun and the excitement of Sitting on a Fortune.”

Katie Rawcliffe, head of ITV Entertainment commissioning, said: “We are delighted to be working with Gary on this new show that is all about players backing themselves and showing courage—something he knows all about.”

Glenn Hugill, managing director of Possessed, said: “This is a game with no gimmicks, no lifelines and nowhere to hide. It’s all about trusting your gut instinct to pick the perfect place in the line and backing yourself to get every question right. Anyone who’s ever chosen the correct queue at the supermarket or the airport will know the euphoria of getting that decision right! Gary knows a thing or two about a high pressure knockout competition and so is the perfect host for a show where you have to put it all on the line. Plus, we are thrilled to be working with Michael and Potato again: in fact, anyone paying close attention will notice we now have a hell of a five-a-side football team.”

Michael Kelpie, managing director of Potato, said: “At the heart of any good game there must be a simple idea. Sitting on a Fortune asks each player one question… ‘Where would you like to sit?’ That decision could change one person’s life and drives the drama, excitement and fun that makes this compelling, competitive and entertaining. We are excited to be working with Glenn and his team on this new show.”