Bomanbridge Media Places 1000 Heartbeats in the Philippines


CANNES: The family game show 1000 Heartbeats has landed in the Philippines following a deal between distributor Bomanbridge Media and TV5 Network.

The local adaptation of the Hungry Bear Productions format is due out on TV5 in July. Viva Communications will produce the 60 hour-long episodes. The show, which first aired on the U.K.’s ITV, sees contestants complete challenges and climb a money ladder before an allotted 1,000 heartbeats run out. Bomanbridge Media serves as an Asian consultant for Sky Vision, the international production and distribution arm of Sky, which represents the format worldwide.

“Bomanbridge is known increasingly for presenting the best formats to Asia from all parts of the world,” said Sonia Fleck, the CEO of Bomanbridge Media. “1000 Heartbeats, created by Hungry Bear Productions, brings heart-pounding excitement to the forefront. This exhilarating format is sure to become addictive for TV5’s audience and we look forward to its success.”