ATF Spotlight: Keshet International


Four dance masters risk their reputations in Masters of Dance, a competition format that seeks to crown a country’s best dancer.

“It’s cost-effective for a shiny-floor show, with amazing energy and nonstop action,” says Gary Pudney, Keshet International’s (KI) head of Asia. KI is also highlighting Domination, which Pudney believes “delivers the ‘wow factor’ and promises prime-time, dramatic and entertaining family viewing.”

BOOM!, meanwhile, “fuses the drama, thrill and intensity of an action movie with the high-octane fun of a video game, creating one literally explosive trivia challenge,” Pudney adds. “BOOM! is one of KI’s most successful formats ever, with over 1,000 episodes of the series commissioned worldwide to date. That includes Cambodia and Thailand, with two additional Asian deals to be announced in the near future.”

Pudney adds: “In April of this year, we grounded ourselves firmly within the Asian market with the opening of a new office based in India.”