Pluto TV & Sony Pictures Television Tie Up


Pluto TV has launched four new channels in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television (SPT).

The new channels operate on Pluto TV across Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the U.K., catering to audiences in each territory.

Audiences in the U.K., Italy and Spain can enjoy a channel dedicated to Married with Children, which follows the misadventures of Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neill, a misanthropic women’s shoe salesman, and his hapless life with his spendthrift wife and his teenage children.

Viewers in the U.K. and Spain can access The Nanny, which follows cosmetic saleswoman Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) as she navigates her new job as a nanny for the three children of a Broadway producer.

The sitcom The Jeffersons now has a channel in Italy, where viewers enjoy the life and family of George Jefferson as he decides to move to New York’s posh Upper East Side and adjusts to the unexpected pitfalls that his new address will bring him.

The classic 1980s hit sitcom Who’s The Boss recently launched in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, starring Tony Danza as Tony Micelli, who works with his daughter as housekeepers and caretakers of a busy ad executive’s son.

Paul Edwards, VP of content for Pluto TV International, said: “Sony Pictures Television has been a valuable partner, and we are proud to expand our relationship beyond Latin America to Europe and the U.K. Pluto TV is committed to bringing unique content to our audiences worldwide through valuable partners and carefully curated channels that offer the best of traditional TV and streaming.”

Ian Durndell, executive VP of digital distribution and direct-to-consumer for SPT, added: “It is fantastic to work with Pluto TV and reach audiences for some of SPT’s most popular classic shows through Pluto’s new channel outlets across the UK and Europe. SPT has a veritable wealth and variety of titles in our extensive film and television catalog—from comedy and drama to action and romance, there really is something for everybody. It is always wonderful to explore innovative opportunities to bring fan-favorite shows to a whole new audience on AVOD and FAST channels.”