EAO: Most European Content on VOD is Non-National


The European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) has updated its report on film and TV content in VOD catalogs, finding that for TVOD and SVOD, European content holds a 33 percent share.

European content (film and TV) represents 32 percent of all content found on TVOD and 35 percent of SVOD in the EU.

Also, 60 percent of all EU content available on TVOD is EU non-national, and for SVOD, the share of EU non-national content among all EU content is 76 percent.

The average TVOD catalog has 5,744 titles (5,037 film titles and 707 TV seasons), and the average SVOD catalog 1,330 titles (808 film titles and 522 TV seasons).

In all, there are seven times more single film titles on TVOD than single TV seasons (62,717 unique film titles versus 8,766 unique TV seasons) and 4.75 times more single film titles than TV seasons on SVOD (58,805 unique film titles versus 12,358 unique TV seasons).

The film data in this report is based on May 2021 catalog data from JustWatch, Filmtoro, La Pantalla and EUROVOD taken from 138 TVOD catalogs and 420 SVOD catalogs in 26 EU countries. The TV content data is based on JustWatch data from 307 SVOD catalogs in 19 EU countries and on 49 TVOD catalogs from 13 EU countries collected in May 2021.