M6 Group & Altice Negotiating 6ter Sale


M6 Group has received a put option for the channel 6ter from Altice Media and has granted it exclusive negotiation rights.

The 6ter sale would be part of the proposed merger of the M6 and TF1 Groups. Following this merger, the combined group will only be able to hold seven national channels on DTT, in accordance with the limit defined by French regulation.

With the various authorizations required, both from the French Competition Authority and from the ARCOM, the completion of the M6-TF1 merger is now expected for the start of January 2023. 6ter will remain fully controlled by M6 Group throughout the 2022 financial year.

If the merger is carried out, M6 Group plans to return the DTT frequency of the channel Paris Première, after approval by the ARCOM, but will continue to exploit it on cable and satellite networks.