Winners Revealed for Unifrance TV Export Awards


The 2022 Unifrance TV Export Awards have recognized The Ollie & Moon Show, Kubrick by Kubrick and High Intellectual Potential.

The Unifrance TV Export Award for animation went to Federation for The Ollie & Moon Show. “Ollie & Moon was the first series produced by Cottonwood Media, part of Federation Kids & Family, and also the first children’s show to be distributed by the group,” said David Michel, managing director at Federation Kids & Family and CEO of Cottonwood Media, and Monica Levy, co-head of international sales at Federation. “The upper preschool adventures of these two traveling cats have conquered (almost) all the territories in the world with their fun and cultural openness.”

The Unifrance TV Export Award for documentary was presented to Mediawan Rights for Kubrick by Kubrick. Arianna Castoldi, head of documentary sales at Mediawan Rights, said, “From the very beginning, Kubrick by Kubrick was conceived as an international project: it’s a co-production supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, made in two versions: 60 minutes and 75 minutes. This allowed us to reach a wider audience, both broadcast TV and festivals. We are now very proud to see the success of this documentary at an international level and to have our work recognized by this award.”

The Unifrance TV Export Award winner for fiction was Newen Connect for High Intellectual Potential. Rodolphe Buet, chief business officer at Newen Connect, said, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this prize, and we wish first and foremost to thank our international partners for their commitment on HIP season one. Together, we already managed to reach more than 200 million views across Europe. Morgane Alvaro/Audrey Fleurot is now traveling around the globe breaking audiences and conquering new fans. And this is only the beginning, as we look forward to bringing season two to the international market later this year and across the Atlantic. With our series Candice Renoir winning the prize last year, and now HIP in 2022, these highlight Newen Connect’s excellent ability to turn French TV production into international hits.”